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Create a compact and extremely practical kitchen area with our Simple Front Units. Crafted with the highest quality materials, our kitchen units will provide hassle-free camper cuisine for years to come.

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  • 99,00

    The perfect little additional storage made to co above the C5 or the A units. This modules is sold as a universel fit so that you can do the final cuts into your van. With one single opening door and a fixed height shelf, you can gain up to 54 […]

  • 599,00

    The spacious and versatile LWB Kitchen unit includes plenty of drawer space for all your utensils and gadgets, a fold-out countertop for meal prep, and portable stove and fridge compartments.

    This makes it the perfect all-in-one kitchen solution for your long wheelbase van project.

  • 479,00

    This compact kitchen unit packs everything you need to cook up a storm – ventilated spaces for a portable stove and fridge, a cutlery drawer and even a fold-out workspace.