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    Multitasking as a bench seat, L-shaped sofa and double bed, our B120 model represents five years of relentless perfectionism: it’s stronger, lighter, more versatile, and the best pull-out bed ever made.   Made with ultra strong-yet-lightweight Poplar plywood, this convertible sofa bed consists of two sections (60cm + 120cm) that […]

  • 749,00

    The Sliding Bed B130 is almost a Queen-sized double sofa bed that’s as versatile as it is strong and lightweight. Crafted from ultra-strong yet lightweight Poplar plywood, its two sections (60cm + 120cm) offer three versatile configurations – a bench seat, L-shaped sofa, and a stable, robust double bed that […]

  • 669,00

    We’ve redesigned our popular slider bed to fit perfectly into a compact van. The new bed’s dimensions are 162 x 112cm, making it 197cm long on the diagonal – plenty for most solo travellers… and couples who like to spoon! For models with a lonr rear bay area, an extension […]

  • 99,00

    The perfect campaign to the new B120 Bed, this draw gives you easy access to your storage underneath the large 120cm section of your bed. Please note –  if you install this drawer, you will no longer have access to the length of your bed even if you remove the […]

  • 89,00

    Accessing the storage under your B120 Sliding Bed has never been so simple with the new rear draw. It puts out 70cm optimising all the storage space under the bed. This draw can be removed to give you full access to the length of the storage under the bed, for […]

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    What could be better than completing your layout in your small van with the appropriate mattress? The fabric of the cover is anthracite in color, 100% polyester, very tear-resistant, stain-resistant treatment, breathable and machine washable.

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    The final piece of the puzzle for your van is a great mattress. The density of the foam of 40 kg/m3 with 8cm thickness allows it to last over time and to have a good quality of sleep. This foam is firm enough to be a good seat and soft […]

  • 369,00

    The final piece of the puzzle for your van is a great mattress. We have designed a special mattress for each type of van. The mattress for small vans, which is 112x170cm. The mattress for Experts/Jumpy, which is 112x180cm.* The standard mattress for T5-T6/Trafic and other vans which is 120x180cm. […]

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    A little extra cushion to complement the seating area provided by our L shaped Bed.