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  • 39,00

    Here is the summer essential, the small table that fits on all vans and is installed in a snap.  We love to use it for cooking outside, keeping the smells outside the van when frying up some snails and garlic. But this table is equally suited to holding a drink, […]

  • Simple Vans Top Cupboard - D3

    A little addition which gives you a whole load for storage. The Top Cupboard can be placed above the C4 unit in the front, or above the Side Units (A1, A2, A3, A4) to give you 24 litres more storage. Thanks to our QuickSlot Construction it is simple to put […]

  • 99,00

    The perfect little additional storage made to co above the C5 or the A units. This modules is sold as a universel fit so that you can do the final cuts into your van. With one single opening door and a fixed height shelf, you can gain up to 54 […]

  • 99,00

    The perfect campaign to the new B120 Bed, this draw gives you easy access to your storage underneath the large 120cm section of your bed. Please note –  if you install this drawer, you will no longer have access to the length of your bed even if you remove the […]

  • 89,00

    Accessing the storage under your B120 Sliding Bed has never been so simple with the new rear draw. It puts out 70cm optimising all the storage space under the bed. This draw can be removed to give you full access to the length of the storage under the bed, for […]

  • 199,00

    Storage for all of your kitchen ware, and dry food in one place. The large draw pulls out 70cm and the second smaller draw extends to 40cm. With the camping gas bistro 3 always ready and in place you can access two zone for food and cook ware storage.

  • 229,00

    RIVER 2’s compact, portable design makes off-grid power more convenient than ever for on the go. Weighing 30% less than the previous generation, RIVER 2 can accompany you on all your outdoor adventures, from walks in the countryside to barbecues on the beach. It is therefore perfect for equipping your […]

  • Placeholder

    What could be better than completing your layout in your small van with the appropriate mattress? The fabric of the cover is anthracite in color, 100% polyester, very tear-resistant, stain-resistant treatment, breathable and machine washable.

  • 75,00

    Optimise your cabin space with this simple and elegant overhead unit. The open, twin compartments provide a handy extra 20 liters of storage.

  • 29,00

    These fixings are a real plus for people who regularly need to remove furniture from the van, no need for tools thanks to these quick fixing kits, all you have to do is unscrew with your hands! If you don’t need to move your furniture frequently, you can also simply […]

  • 449,00

    The final piece of the puzzle for your van is a great mattress. The density of the foam of 40 kg/m3 with 8cm thickness allows it to last over time and to have a good quality of sleep. This foam is firm enough to be a good seat and soft […]

  • 369,00

    The final piece of the puzzle for your van is a great mattress. We have designed a special mattress for each type of van. The mattress for small vans, which is 112x170cm. The mattress for Experts/Jumpy, which is 112x180cm.* The standard mattress for T5-T6/Trafic and other vans which is 120x180cm. […]